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Submitted on
March 19, 2005
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There is this place
Beyond my fears,
Beyond the blood,
And all the tears
I see it only
In my dreams
But it's more real
Than it seems
A place where I don't
Cry or scream
Where all my thoughts
Are clear and clean
The sun gives light,
The sky is blue
No more memories
Left of you
The air smells sweet
And not like vomit
My skin is new,
No more scars on it
The illussions are gone
And everything's real
I finally know
What it's like to feel
Something other
Than this pain
The voices are gone,
I feel sane
I can laugh and be myself
I don't have to fake a smile
I can say those words "I'm happy"
And living all seems worth the while
A place where I don't have to hear
"You'll never get you're life in gear
You'll never be normal, you're nowhere near
You'll always live in pain and fear"

This is the only place
I wish to be
The only place
I can be free
Free from the sickness
That is me
And one day I'll find this place,
You'll see
Someday I'll be

...A different me
Some of you have read this before, I wrote it almost a year ago. I hope you like it, it's one of my favourites.

I know I didn't do the greatest job on the image, should've spent a little more time on it...but I really like the colours:D

Thanks to and for the stock:heart:
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Wow. Just.. wow. I don't know how you can do this, but, you can express my feelings better than myself. This poetry is like direct from my heart. Wish i could express my feelings like you. All my respect.
very nice deviation ^^, you have much creativity, good job :D
I hope you'll check my gallery too hehe ^^
*clicks da favorite button, goes back to gallery*
This is a great piece! I persoanlly like this one because currently it seems like Im the person talking in this poem. It sucks that the worst enemy is yourself. Thinking youre that strong but when you finally face yourself you lose all hope and get defeated!

I like the last line. Cause despite all the sh*t. . . Hope still lives on! :)

Keep it up!
love what you've done with the sky :clap:
the colors are great
and perfect match for the border
definitely an awesom picture, great subject matter!
shadedangel Jun 19, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Very Very good likes!
skinnylittleschizo Jun 20, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you:glomp:
Wow...all i can say :hug: hope you find that place soon, but you're beautiful the way you are now.
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