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Submitted on
February 24, 2005
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All I wanted was your heart
All I needed was you
But you tore my world apart
And there was nothing I could do
Please tell me that I'm dreaming
Please say it isn't true
Please tell me you're not leaving
Because I mean the world to you
What did I do to make you hate me?
I need you by my side
But all I can think of lately
Is why I ever tried
Because now you're so much
Ever since you've been
With her
And it hurts so bad
To have to see
You with her
And not with me
I don't know
What you see in that whore
Why can't you
Love me anymore?
I lived for you
And I'd die for you
But now I sit
And cry for you
All I wanted was your heart
All I needed was you
But you tore my world apart
There was only one thing I could do
You were my
Entire world
But yours revolved around
Another girl
And it hurt so bad
To have to see
Because you were supposed to
Be with me
But you left me here
Torn apart
All alone
With a broken heart
And now you're lying
On the floor
And you're not breathing
I dragged your body
To the car
Things weren't supposed to
Go this far
I didn't mean to make you cry
I didn't want to say goodbye
I never meant to take your life
I didn't want to watch you die
I never thought
That I could kill
But if I can't have you

...No one will
All I wanted was your heart
But you gave it to someone else
So I had to cut it out of you
And take it for myself

lol yeah this poem is a little psychotic...a little more than usual too:p but don't worry, I'm not writing from personal experience or anything...or am I:lol:

girl - ~dani-stock
heart - [link]
texture - ~KahnInteractive
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anarkisti Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011
this is fuckin awesome
EnygmaticHarlequins Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009
I. Fricking. Love. This. Poem.
deathwithab Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009
this is how i feel right now </3....
chilamantisfrymegood Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2008
i actually wrote something like this a couple of days ago
tis good!!!
lyena Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008
i love it XD
lexer262 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2008
that waz sooooooooooo gud av u got eney more like tis ???:O
S04tunate Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Woah... Brutal... :wow:
But I like it... Probably 'cause i'm just sick like that... xDD
BoarderMan Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008
This would make an awesome song... I think I'm gonna try to put some acoustics in it... very nice poem by the way :)
MeanAngel45 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008
You're so good at poetry! You really are good with words, I love that poem!
madtrash137 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008
I love that poem! :worship:
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